Charles  McKinney

Charles McKinney

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I never really thought about how many different class types and varieties there are. Essentially, when it's all said and done, class types come in as many different varieties as the students that comprise them. 

It appears as though in an online setting, a synchronous method would be the most advantageous way to go, although it may not always be the most convenient, it even possible at all. 

Not only are there a great number of tools that are within an instructors reach, there are an infinite number of uses and possibilities for each of these tools themselves. The only limitation for each one would the imagination of the one using it. 

I’m brand new at teaching. I have thought about this aspect of how it will be as a teacher though. 
At times I am not that comfortable in front of a group of people. 
I wonder how difficult it will be to overcome that aspect of this new adventure of which I am engaging. 
I guess we shall see. 

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