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The importance of writing accurate job descriptions for employment verification. 

It is important to have the correct job description to accurate report an employment verification. 


When documenting case notes, be complete with your actions, not vague and no slang.  For best practice, use MAPP Motive - Assessmemt - Progress - Plan

It is important to have clearcut guidelines for note taking.  I appreciated the MAPP-motive, assessment, progress, plan method.  

SOAP notes can be helpful when documenting notes on graduates. 

It is imperative to document accurately, timely, and objectively.  One can do this by utilizing the Motive, Assessment, Progress, Plan (MAPP) Model to document interactions with students. 

I have learned there are several important compnonents to consider and include when documenting a plcaement such as: custodian identifiaction, clear, time stampled, legible, permancen, acceptabele terminoolgy adn current. Thus, I will make sure not to use any abbreviations that are not universaly understooad and use a font and color that is easily legible. 


Clarity and relevance are important in note taking. We are not the sole audience of our case notes, and we need to be sure that our notes are satisfactory for all who may need to reference them.


An important lesson is to keep in mind your propsective audience when composing case notes, job descriptions to employer for both verification and to properly determine if student has been "placed."
Your audience may be legal professionals, regulatory agencies, or even the student.
Use a model to ensure uniformity, accuracy and legibility.