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It is best to have a workflow of the documentation process so all the parties involved have an idea of expectations and path to self-check compliance on. A good workflow eliminates errors and helps with audits. 

Standard operating procedures, checklist and internal audits will help eliminate any problems with external audits.

I loved the chart that allows us to compare the requirements across different accrediting bodies for verifying employment.

It is recommend for best practice to have a workflow or process when it comes to the documentation of placements

Apply best practices in workflow to eliminate errors and structure information so that it can be easly reviewed by other accediting bodies or auditors.

Having steps set up for a workflow is important to ensure better recordkeeping and more accuracy and it is never up to one person whether or not something counts.

The importance of internal audits are not just beneficial for before the report is due but something to plan on doing more often such as quarterly to help ensure mistakes have not been made or that something has not been missed.  I think this would be helpful since I am one person looking at the same data all of the time. 


it is imperative to eliminate data errors by handling student's records with care and by reviewing the documents that are included in files. Higher education institutions should implement a workflow process to ensure that data errors are eliminated; it is also important to strive for continuous improvement. 

I have learned the importance of clearly communicating with both the studetn/graduate and the stakeholder/employer why we conduct employment verificaiton becuase they are more abt to particiapte if they are aware what is going on and why. Thus, I will make sure to clearly communicate the imporance of employment vericiation with both the students/gradutes and the employers so as to increase the outcomes. 


Clear communication and establishing expectations with the students/stakeholders/ employers  in the beginning is important. Also it is everyone responsibility to participate in the continuous improvement process in the verification program.  of developing ways to prevent error in data collection. There should also be checks and balances (QA) process. It is everyone's responsibility for data integrity   




Again, accuracy is critical. Perfection is impossible, and we can expect mistakes, but the more diligent we are with ensuring an effective workflow and checking our accuracy can lead to more reliable data.


Communication is key to elicit buy-in and collaboration from these stakeholders (students, graduates, employers and institution) which is necessary for successful data collection.
Clean, comprehensive data is critical.
Implement workflows and processes to ensure the integrity, maintenance, retrieval and auditing of all collectible data.