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I have learned that timliness, accuracy and service are keys components in running a financial aid office smoothly.

I will especially keep in mind the pointers given to handle student complaints. Such as being there for the student, being kind and interested, and making sure at the end the student is satified with the solution you have provided.

Everyone involved in student services should listen to this lesson.

Good information regarding customer service, in nearly any environment. 

Very informative and helpful.

How important it is to be timely, empathatic, the student needs to feel they are valued and important.  I enjoy helping others, and strive to provide the best service I can, and always strive to do my best and to better.


The importance of doing everything in a timely matter but being empathatic while doing it. I learned the different steps of the FASFA application and what happens in the back and how the student gets qualified/ awarded.

I will be using these steps to understand the students situation and giving as much information to the financial department so the student gets as much help as possible.

I have learned that the FA process is an integral part of the studnet's higher education experience. Learning the operational aspect of FA has helped me to gain a broader piocture of how students enter our schools and the efforts at this level can make or break not only a positive studnet experience, but can have detrimental effects for the school at large.