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Implementing Program Changes | Origin: OP106

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Developing New Programs: Research and Selection --> Implementing Program Changes

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This section provided excellent information on strategies to extrapolate the data. The information will be applied to making revisions to the MSLP Program during the development phase. In general this information may be applied to using the data or science to drive change.

This section I learned a lot, planning and implementation or two things that are very important when looking at adding new programs. They are crucial if you want your university to succeed! 

Keeping up with the requirements for regulatory boards, as well as providing proof of program relevancy has been very challenging for our organization. This is why it is so important to have the most knowledgeable individuals on your advisory commitee. We might be tempted to take shortcuts when we are assembling our commitee members, but this should not be the case. These individuals will often be the voice of sound reasoning when faced with issues related to program relevance and subsequent modifications and or program changes.

Research, propere planning, organization of items to be accomplished and deadlines are all important when developing a new program.  Also having a good plan is very important.  Costs for the new program must be established as well as physical space such as classrooms are also very important.

Regulatory agencies have guidelines tha need to be addressed before adding to the program.

When dealing with regulatory agencies, complete and clear documentation is must. 

Thorough planning with timeline, resource management, and budgets is essential.

Tasks, timelines, and deadlines along with costs and budget are some of the main considerations when implementing program changes. If any of these elements are undefined, the chances for success are minimal. 


The best way to phrase my thoughts is with a famous quotation, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

Goals and timelines are essential when setting up a new program


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