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Starting the Process of Developing New Programs | Origin: OP106

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Developing New Programs: Research and Selection --> Starting the Process of Developing New Programs

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

We have gone over this process several times and although it can be lengthy, it is very important to complete. We have found that inviting key individuals from current and potential employers is of key importance. Their insight provides the committee with relevant infomation that is vital for the development of a new program. Engaging in an analysis of what our competitors are offering is a necessary step as well.

Question: are there schools that have delayed their plan on launcing new programs due to COVID-19? If not, what are you currently doing to lauch your new programs?


A feasability study is one of the most important aspects of starting a program. It helps the group to determine the need for a new program. This yeild extremely valuable information!

Planning is essential, market need, employment opportunities and community based support are critical to the success.  When creating a planning committee, we need to create standards from which the committee functions.

We are just beginning to do the work to expand our existing programs and offer a new degree program.   The importance of involving staff, faculty and alumni as well as community and experts in our field will be key to developing a plan that will match the quality of education we expect to offer and create opportunities to integrate this program into related fields in our area.


For universities that adding new programs, they must bring colloboration from the community and every department that is needed to have a much better program for the university. Communication and collobaration are the heart of a good program. 


Job posting analytics and workforce growth projections can inform many of the skills and abilities an institution might develop with a new program. Another excellent source of information is schools with which an insititution already has articulation agreements. If another school has some two plus two programs set up, connect with their partnership directors and liaisons to see what other programs you can help your target students prepare to pursue. Remember, workplace skills are not the only necessary outcome of post secondary education; many of us help our students continue on to more advanced studies. 


It is easy for us to just jump into developing a new program, especially when we feel that we understand the steps it will take. However, without the right research we will be unprepared for any issues which will arise. This module has taught me the importance of conducting a feasibility study, as well as the importance of forming a commitee to help plan and prepare for new program implementation.

Survey the key employers when planning new programs.


A feasability study along with the correct group of indfividuals from staff, the community and program graduates is essential in the formation of a new program for a school.


This module reenforces the importance of researching and selecting advisory boards/committes.

I find that researching your program specific niche and doing a feasiblity study is crucial and not just look at your competition but what you can do better within your purview. Also, to be fully aware of what the price you are offering based on your demographics to see if they can afford.


Feasibility study is a prerequisite for any new project/academic program ... this may involve

- fact finding

- needs analysis

- supply and demand

- strategic value of the program/product

- iterative research

- data analysis and interpretation

- compliance issues

- interaction with external entities

- brainstorming

- projections and forecasting

- organizational/departmental (internal) core competencies and key-value deliveries


My biggest takeaways are:

  • just because a new program sounds like a good idea, proper research may show it would not be succesful
  • when creating a review committee, it should be diverse with relevant shareholders
  • it is necessary to know the demographics of your community 
  • speak with and listen to the businesses and organizations in your community

The feasability study was helpful information.

Doing your due diligence in any venture is essential to the overall success of the endeavor. Partnering with the communities and industry professionals can really open the possibilities for graduates which can be a valuable selling point in attracting new students to the organization.

We typically do everything discussed so far with the exception of including career services on the committee. That is something we should implement going forward. 

There are many different areas to consider when implementing a new program.


It is important to complete a DACUM - Developing a Curriculum. We had to do these in the past. i do not see them submitted anymore. Perhaps there is a different model for new programs being used. or None at all, other than, copying what other schools have completed. 

Although I have never been involved in planning a new program I knew it is important that your potential students need to be able to find work. I found this course to be interesting. There is a lot that goes into the decision of whether or not to add to your program or begin a new one. 

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