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Writing Skills

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From this course, I have learned that paragraphs must consist of no more than 20 sentences. 

It is important in a letter to convey a clear, cordial, and respectful message.

Communications have structure and should not be handled lightly. Important topics need to be communicated in the proper way to be valid and taken seriously. 

From this course, I have learned to make sure our message addresses our reader's needs. Making sure it is clear, brief, and simple. Positioning our key message strategically; putting our key message at the top of the document. Lastly, explaining why our key message is important for the reader to understand. 

I have learned to communicate effectively by writing to a diverse and broader audience.  Concise and efficacy writing is essential to my work.  This course will help me to improve my social and business relationships through a better thought process and exchange either by email or by standard correspondence.

During this course, I learned to spend time drafting and then correcting, instead of correcting as you go.

I have learned in order to write a concise message, I should start outlining my points that I want to cover.  then I would write my draft and need to remember not to make any edit as I am writing. Edits can be done once the draft is complete. This will save time.

I send a lot of emails and inorder to have my staff read the emails, I have learned and need to write consisely and have each point in a separate paragragh.