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Introduction to ChatGPT | Origin: ED148

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ChatGPT and Its Educational Uses --> Introduction to ChatGPT

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I recommend using ChatGPT to debate their resolutions

Will use ChatGPT to create meaningful active learning processes

I'm all about the limitations.  I would educate people on the limitations so that people are using the tool with awareness, not blind faith or ignorance.  I think it's a bit ironic that we have preached repeatedly: not everything on the internet is true, yet ChatGPT is spewing out data from the internet as "truth" (as the lesson stated, with overconfidence and potentially incorrect answers). 

Educate the students on the uses and pitfalls of ChatGPT. Once they are comfortable using it, I would like to see them use this technology as a resource that can spark ideas and open up possibilities that were not previously possible. I would watch the creativity flow from the students which would stimulate thinking and learning.

This would help students when working on their own and during hours that work for their individual lifestyles

Using ChatGPT in the classroom has a lot of real learning potential. I think it is important to educate students on its limitations, but I can also see how it is important to educate them on how to properly leverage ChatGPT as a resource. 

chatGPT could be used to answer questions from students and to grade quizzes while instructors focus on other parts of the program.

First, I'd have students learn about the power and limitation of Chat GPT. Then, I'd encourage them to experiment with it so that they could use it to research information, enhance writing skills, develop content for assignments, and, in general, prepare them for their careers. 

I would like to incorporate ChatGPT into a Discussion Board activity for my courses.

Give the students a homework assignment with the ability to use Chat GPT. Next day in class have a compare/contrast on the information gathered from the various assignments.   What is the general information in all of the reports?  What are the odd answers that might be specific to one report? Study the prompts the students used to find the information.

Internet is a proper noun and should always be capitalized. 

he aprendido que el Chatgpt se basa en estadisticas y no en un razonamiento logico

I am wondering if I might be able to incorporate ChatGPT into open hours for students similar to office hours. Perhaps incorporate into discussion boards. 

This course has opened my eyes to some of the potential benefits to AI, although I still feel very hesitant to use it in the classroom or recommend it to students. It is not always accurate, and I worry that our reliance on technology will diminish our spirit of creative inquiry and critical thinking.

Yes. It has benefits, but how would we grade students when then use ChatGPT in discussion board posts? How can we distinguish student's work from AI work?

But this is here now, and it will soon be the norm. How can we harness its huge potential without sacrificing student's "learning"?

It's good to guide students in using ChatGPT as a research assistant for information gathering and proposal development.

ChatGPT offers endless opportunities for facilitators and students alike to enhance teaching and learning.

As prompts for good questions to quiz class or ways to spark creative study.

I feel that I can use this as a teaching tool to help reach all learning styles and create questions for classroom thinking.

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