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I see the discipline thing alot in this younger generation. They don't want to practice or put in the time to get better and master what the are doing.

Reasoning is rationalizing outcome of critical thinking.  As an instructor I should/will expose to/deliver learning materials in a wide variety way so they can explore, ask technical/productive questions, enhance their level of common sense. 

to develop more critical thinkers in my classroom I need to ask be open to my students asking questions of me and, in turn, asking them about their thought processes when working problems or discussing their projects.  

I thought the fact that critical thinking requires discipline was interesting. I was particularly intrigued by the statement that students realize that having discipline and develop critical thinking skills will produce success but often don't want the commitment.

Critical thinking often employs reasoning, questioning, discipline, and judgement, skills that are valuable in any given worksite. No matter the field, it is often worth while to partake in the actions listed but this goes double fold as a teacher. My presenting information through these steps, students will be able to develop a better understanding of the material at hand. 

Discipline for both student and teacher, myself, is important. I need to know good questions that will give them opportunity to think and will be good examples for themselves.

Critical thinking requires the use of effective types of questions.

Let students debate to a point, but there is a limit that you must set to maintain civility.

Understanding critical thinking is vital to personal growth and professional development to articulate ideas and working with others

To exhibit self discipline, my own knowledge fused with a peer's to come to an in depth understanding. Utilizing critical thinking skills in daily life both personally and professionally.

It’s up to the instructor to guide the students and learn different  learning styles , so students can stay on board and not loose sight of what is being taught ,but to learn and grow with the knowledge the obtained and developed a growth mindset . Instructors need to put their words into action by showing examples so student can follow and learn and identify . 

As an instructor I can pose more questions to my students to help them develop their critical thinking.

Determine the question. Gather as much pertinent knowledge as possible. Be sure to ask more questions and have discussions that can further this knowledge and then, make a decision based on that knowledge. Deliver the information in a sensitive and precise way.

Discipline and judgement is crucial when examining characteristics of a critical thinker.

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