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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

When Networking ...

As an avid Networking- Career Advisor I meet business professionals everywhere. When we exchange business cards I make it a habit to date the back of the card and write down where I met this person. Of course I do this when I get back to the office.  It works for me.

Motivating online students

I have found that motivating online students is a lot harder than classroom-based ones. Can any of you share somethig that has been successfull on bringing an online student back to class?

State Board Exams

I need to know what to do about students who are fearful of taking the state board exam.

Wonderful training

It is great to have a go to site that's able to answer questions that you may have in various areas.

Engaging wall-flower students

I teach online and face to face classes.  We have probably all had the wallflower students that sit quietly in the room and do not participate. I have the same type of students in the online classes.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to engage these wallflower students and pull them into the course room?

Thank you


small class sizes

It seems to me that there is a larger upside to small classes vs large classes

Small class size challenges

Who out there has the challenge of teaching to ultra-small class sizes (e.g. 2-4 students)?  What kinds of challenges do you face and how have you learned to cope with these unique situations?

New to Group

Going through the Onboarding process and found this was an interesting process.


The material is very informative so glad i have to do this every year

Faculty and Professional Development

I know as busy faculty and professionals we all have so much in our lives to manage: work, family, education and everything in-between! One best practice I have found that really has worked well for me in trying to achievement my faculty/professional development credits each year is joining webinars. Since we are so busy it can be difficult to break away from your schedule and physically go to a training, workshop or conference. I have found that many of our vendors offer great webinars for the busy professional. They also archive these so they can be easily accessed and reviewed as you are doing other work. I usually try and set up one webinar that I can pause and review while doing some other daunting aspect of my workload. I have found this both enlightening and also relieving as we know many colleges or universities require so many hours per year in each area. Here are a few vendor sites I have been using: Cengage-- 


Know them

I may seems like a daunting task, but it only takes a minute. I have different students accompany me to take the trash out each day after food production, and during that time I might ask where they are from, what interests them and what their goals might be. I try to keep it informal, and not like an inquisition. I try to make a mental note of it so I can get an update later, or revisit the conversation a month or two later when they are no longer in my class. Students see that you care....because you do!

The Art of Commitment (2011)

Conference presentation by Daymar College: The Art of Commitment

Building Bridges/Traveling Far (2011)

Conference presentation by Medix School: Building Bridges/Traveling Far

Motivating Those Who Motivate (2011)

Conference presentation by DuBois Business College and Harrison College: Motivating Those Who Motivate

Meaningful Advising: Integrating TPI Concepts (2011)

Conference presentation by ATI Enterprises: Meaningful Advising: Integrating TPI Concepts

Creating an Engaging Culture Across a Multi-campus System=Retention, Not Just For Students (2011)

Conference presentation by National American University: Creating an Engaging Culture Across a Multi-campus System=Retention, Not Just For Students

Potential Unleashed (2011)

Conference presentation by TechSkills of California: Potential Unleashed

Teaching Strategies for Success-Helping Students Shine (2011)

Conference presentation by Antonelli College: Teaching Strategies for Success-Helping Students Shine

Keeping Strategies for Success Alive (2011)

Conference presentation by Milan Institute: Keeping Strategies for Success Alive

The Impact of the TPI Curriculum On Psychological Capital Levels of First Time Career College Learners (2011)

Conference presentation by McCann Schools: The Impact of the TPI Curriculum On Psychological Capital Levels of First Time Career College Learners