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Conference presentation by DuBois Business College and Harrison College: Motivating Those Who Motivate

I have an instructor who teaches 4 sections of the same class. A few quarters ago - she and I had to come up with a "stress-reducing" plan to help her better facilitate her four courses. She found that when she went into her first and even second section - she was feeling "fresh" and ready to tackle the discussion board, grading, etc. However, depending on the issues w/students in those first or first two courses, she found herself feeling stressed out thus losing energy for the 3rd and 4th session. We eliminated this "snowball" stress by coming up with… >>>

I believe that if we get to "know" our students in the online/virtual environment - we interact with them in a chat room, in discussion board,even a personal contact at the beginning of the session - that adds so much more to the overall experience - and not just for the students, but for us as facilitators and instructors as well. I teach because I enjoy the experience - as I'm sure most others do - and I want to be able to interact with my students to the point of having that "connection" with them - even if they… >>>

I believe that there is a great deal of concern from those outside the distance learning environment - thinking that the online environment may not be able to provide that same level of academic integrity. I think that is a false thought and perhaps a scatoma on the part of instructors/facilitators. What online or distance learning challenges us to do in regards to the classroom and providing integrity - is that WE have to provide the "service" to students - it will just look a little different than it does in the classroom. Toni

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