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small class sizes

It seems to me that there is a larger upside to small classes vs large classes

great point

I agree, I like smaller class size as an instructor and as a adult learner.

I wish with all my heart that I have smaller classes. My class size range from 14-17. All adult learners. This requires proper planning of content, activities and delivery. A large class takes a lot out of an instructor who does not settle for mediocre experience and one who wants the optimum learning experience for the students. There is also the different moods to deal with. It is the instructors responsibility to maintain a positive and peacefilled climate. Smaller classes are great but I unfortunately do not have that luxuary.   

One of the "upsides" to all of the issues with For profit education is that classes sizes have gotten smaller.  I am not nearly as overwhelmed as I used to be.  These days a class of 14 is a large class, most of my classes are between 5-10 people.

Some times larger class's offer more energy, and things you can do

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