Kelly Kostich

Kelly Kostich

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The material is very informative so glad i have to do this every year

I had to take to renew license.  It was great to revisit the regulations and compliance issues that we deal with everyday.

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I agree.  I feel it was a great refresher to what we do everyday. 

I learned that there are alot of rules and regulations and that as admissions representatives we need to be organized by using the resource notebook as a tool for compliance.  As a admission representative,  I can apply the training everyday when dealing with potential students.  The only support I need is for my supervisor to keep us posted as a team on rules and regulations that have changed or need updating.

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I really found the idea of having the resource notebook being very helpful to new and senior admission reps so that they can stay up to date on policies and procedures. It is also a great resource of organizing all of the rules and regulations of the school.

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