Latika Maddox

Latika Maddox

Location: fort lauderdale, fl

About me

I am the Director of Student Services at The Academy of South Florida, an IT training facility located in Fort Lauderdale, FL We strive to provide South Florida with the best IT training for a low cost.


compliance and student satisfaction




I learned the value of PLDP in leadership.

I learned how important it is to not only coordinate an orientation but to also coordinate mentorship.


I learned the important of providing mentiorship to a student, new and old. This creates a postive enviroment for the student to feel comfortable with obtaining assistance. 


It is great to have a go to site that's able to answer questions that you may have in various areas.

Placements are another way of confirming that the training that the student has received from your school was beneficial to the student in obtaining employment in their selected field.

I feel that from the very beginning of creating the file, to ensure that the file is complete and there are no issues down the line, all documents should be obtained no later than the 3rd day of the enrollment.


This lessions was a great way to ensure that all departments within our schools are following all regulations regarding compliance and student file. Thank you!


Discussion Comment

This course was very informative. it also helps re-iterate certains practices to be followed.

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