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Know them

I may seems like a daunting task, but it only takes a minute. I have different students accompany me to take the trash out each day after food production, and during that time I might ask where they are from, what interests them and what their goals might be. I try to keep it informal, and not like an inquisition. I try to make a mental note of it so I can get an update later, or revisit the conversation a month or two later when they are no longer in my class. Students see that you care....because you do!

Hi Paul,

That is so true. I was once told, If a teacher doesn't make sure you are doing your work and checking on you all the time, then they can care less whether you pass or not. Once you have a teacher who checks on a student constantly, that is a teacher who cares. The student won't understand that until someone explains it to him or her. Therefore, they will appreciate the actions of the teacher.


Hi I am new here. Yes I agree that you must keep on top of the students by allowing them to know their progress as you go.


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