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Patricia Metcalf

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Greetings from ECPI Online! My career started in retail management at The Gap. As a Training Store Manager I hired and trained local college students. Most of them stayed with the Gap and did their co-op and internship with me. Some of them became store managers This is why I transitioned into Higher Education where I have worked for over 19 years. I started as a Career Advisor at ECPI University.  My role was to prepare our students for a rewarding career in their field of study while providing a skilled, well trained workforce to the  community. I now work for the Online Campus as a Student Success Coordinator.


student retention, customer service, networking, career development and sales


I agree . I have placed IT veterans that have successfully made the transition and have been able to help their companies.We are lucky to have companies dedicated to hiring our veteran graduates. I had one company bring one of my graduates in for a job interview. The position wasnt a good fit for him but they liked him so much that they found another position for him.

Patricia Metcalf


Network, volunteer and get yourself out there. Tell everyone you know that you will be graduating soon and will be looking for a job in your field. Everyone wants to help a new graduate. Get to know your teachers, the University staff and your classmates.

If a job opening comes their way they will remember you!

More and more employers are asking Behavioral Interview Questions.

Behavioral Interview Questions

I too am going through the onboarding process. I think the process is very good.

As an avid Networking- Career Advisor I meet business professionals everywhere. When we exchange business cards I make it a habit to date the back of the card and write down where I met this person. Of course I do this when I get back to the office.  It works for me.

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