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The Higher Education Initiative of The Pacific Institute (TPI) holds an annual “Best Practices and Great Ideas Conference” to provide a medium for career colleges and schools to discuss the application of TPI concepts and other techniques and strategies to increase student and organizational success. This group was created within The Lounge to provide an opportunity for conference attendees and other career college professionals to interact and share best practices online!

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Live Video Chat/Lecture | New comment by Coleen Poitinger

Hi Rebecca, I use ZOOM and my students and I love it. However, the one thing I cannot figure out is how to play a video so they can hear the sound during the live lecture. I know it can be done as...

Live Video Chat/Lecture | New discussion by Rebecca Herrle

We are experimenting with Zoom.  Are there better video conferencing tools for live lectures?

Live Video Chat/Lecture | New comment by Rebecca Herrle

We are experimenting with Zoom.  Are there better video conferencing tools for live lectures?

Faculty and Professional Development | New comment by Shenika Gorman

This training was very helpful

When Networking ... | New comment by Beth Konikoff

Sharing knowledge and experience benefits not only the student but the instructor. As the range of online students continues to broaden, the more strategies and successes can share, the more releva...

Motivating online students | New comment by Tanya Ostrovsky

I love our students.They really want to be better.

New to Group | New comment by Patricia Metcalf

I too am going through the onboarding process. I think the process is very good.

When Networking ... | New blog by Patricia Metcalf

As an avid Networking- Career Advisor I meet business professionals everywhere. When we exchange business cards I make it a habit to date the back of the card and write down where I met this...

State Board Exams | New comment by Veronica Turrigiano

I find that it helps a great deal to do hundreds of practice questions. It will never be the exact same questions as you will face on the state exam, but it reinforces information, and makes you mo...

Using Video | New discussion by Aaron Nielsen

What are ways to use video effectivley in an online course? Thank you for your insights. Aaron Nielsen