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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

Live Video Chat/Lecture

We are experimenting with Zoom.  Are there better video conferencing tools for live lectures?

Using Video

What are ways to use video effectivley in an online course?

Thank you for your insights.

Aaron Nielsen

Motivating online students

I have found that motivating online students is a lot harder than classroom-based ones. Can any of you share somethig that has been successfull on bringing an online student back to class?

Teaching adults

Adults often utilize their own life experiences when introduced to new knowledge. In a sense, this gives them an advantage or their younger counter-parts in the classroom. It is this type of experience that should be cultivated when teaching adults.

Teaching Literature

What is the best strategy for teaching adult learners about literature?

What can we learn from Gen Y?

What can Boomers and Gen X learn from Gen Y (other than technological savvy)?

Motivating those who are behing

One challenge I have is working with students that have not been exposed to the prerequisites of a class I am teaching. I can not stop the class to help them catch up because that will only diminish the experience for students prepared for the class.

I have been working with students that are not prepared, providing them opportunities for tutoring and giving them websites I feel will help them catch up.

It is still a challenge to get some students to push themselves to catch up to the point they need to be at. 

What are your thoughts on… >>>


How to encourage students with LD's

Are you?

Are you a Mean Teacher?

By Laura M Staunton, New Jersey and Barb Erickson, Michigan

A MEAN teacher insists that each student do the best s/he is capable of doing.

A MEAN teacher insists that students hand in their assignments on time and takes off points for late assignments.

A MEAN teacher does not accept incomplete assignments.

A MEAN teacher requires each student to think carefully and to make her/his own decisions.

A MEAN teacher holds each student responsible for her/his own behavior.

A MEAN teacher makes students keep the classroom, themselves, and their belongings neat and clean.

A MEAN… >>>

Classroom Best Practice

In the massage industry, many people coming into the training are already hands on people. They have been practicing on family and friends for years. One of the things I find they have problems with is first introductions. They are unaware of marketing ideas for the massage practice. Introductions on the first day for me helps to determine the style of the group. I hand out pennies with the years of 2000 to 2010 on them. Each of the student must then use the year to give a personal insight about themselves. It could be where they were in that… >>>

new school - new everything.

I am the new guy at a new school that may not be receptive to new ideas.  they ahve had no staff changes in five years.  How do I encourage everyone to get on board with some new fresh ideas?

Professional and Faculty Development

What kinds of professional development activities do you participate in? What are some helpful resources for other faculty to use, or access information to complete their professional and faculty development requirments for their own institutions?

Changing Lives

Helping people get an education can give them a second chance on life, a new start, and a better future. You are a part of that. You have a chance to touch students lives every day. You are in the business of changing lives.

The "Hello Zone" - An idea for Directors of First Impressions (AKA Receptionists)

If you are in the "Hello Zone" (within 10 feet) of a co-worker or student, smile and say hello. A polite greeting shows respect and kindness, which is the first step in good customer service.

Create a Vision - An idea for Admissions Representatives and Directors

Help your students create a sensory rich vision of graduation in the initial set up meeting.

Set the right atmosphere - An idea for Financial Aid and Business Office Personnel

Play relaxing music in the background to help ease potential stress and tension.

Attention=Retention - An idea for Instructors and Education Directors

Increased attention equals increased retention. Let's share some ideas/examples of how to better focus on student success.

Graduation Preview - An idea for Student Services and Placement Staff

Set the stage for success. Turn your orientation into a graduation preview.

Customer Service - An idea for Campus Directors/Presidents

A customer oriented philosophy and attitude must be embraced by the entire administration, staff and faculty in all areas of school operations. The students need to know you care. If everyone in the institution is modeling good customer service to the students and each other, students will see that you all do care about their success.

The EduPreneurial Spirit - An idea for Corporate Staff and Officers

Practice the "EduPreneurial Spirit". In your sector you not only educate but you are also part of a working business.