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Biggest challenge is getting students to actually read the assignments and do the work when left to their own devices, I send them emails telling them how they need to dedicate time to doing the work and also remind them they are the ones that need to motivate themselves 

determine what is best action either syncronus or asyncronus and comminication is most important 


  Use of many tools can be beneficial to student involvement and learning provided the correct tool for the subject is used


 It will take multiple tools, from your multiple stakeholders, to provide the feedback that you will need to make continuous changes that improve your online course and close the loop!

assessments: formative, summative, self and peer assessments.  Providing effective feedback gives the students valuable information to enhance their learning and performance in the course.

be involved with students, give clear and detailed instructions, use the website tools to promote discussions and interaction between students

Courses should all have the same Look and feel, it make for more consistant learning

Manage students, so0me are disruptive even at home online, others will be different, learn to manage them all so every student has the same opportunity

Encourage students to participate and be enthusiastic, boost confidance

Short biography of myself as well as the student is a gret way to "Break the ice" and form a trusting relationship

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