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I am a previous online learner who enjoys mentoring others as I have been mentored throughout my educational journey! I have worked in the health care industry for 27 years, and still enjoy learning new things every day. I have worked for BC/BS, DME, and for hospitals and physicians.


reading, music, animals, the beach and of course - teaching!! :)


I enjoyed learning about the student self assessment using the rubric.  I do advise students to see the rubric to see how their assignments will be graded. Some take this very seriously and submit wonderful work.  Others however, no matter how many ways or times I convey information to help with improving their work, do not read, take phone calls, and do not take suggestions for revisions to resubmit for a better grade. 

I also agree that consistency within the modules is key! As a previous online student I would have been very upset if every class I took had… >>>

I agree, Yvette! Consistency is key! As a previous online student I would have been very upset if every class I took had a differing layout, etc. ;)  To alleviate student fears, it is good to let them know that we have been exactly where they are now and to feel free to reach out with questions or concerns after reviewing the syllabi and announcements. Many times I have found a student asks a question that I included in an announcement or in a live session. I will reply to see this information, and then let me know if they… >>>

I think it is a great idea for students to be able to use the rubric to self-assess themselves before they submit to their instructor for grading. As learned in this module, it teaches them the importance of "owning" of their individual learning/work.  While I think more advanced online students would be willing and thrilled with the opportunity to do this, some students, no matter how many times or ways they are advised in and how to improve, still do not take advantage of the suggestions, or even additional attempts allowed for improvement. Yet, the ones who do, are always… >>>

Thank you for sharing, Cynthia!

Great post! No canned responces is an excellent point!! Put the shoe on the other foot and think about the type of feedback we would want if we were the student. ;)  

In addition to what you have shared, I post a "fun" picture of me with one of my dogs and ask them to feel free to share a picture of them doing an activity they enjoy, or of them and their family, etc.  When we begin a class by getting to know one another this way, students are more inclined to feel comfortable… >>>

I find that when I share course expectations the 1st day of class and reiterate expectations in numerous forms, for example, class announcements and the live sessions, students are less apprehensive about the course. I also like to promote collaboration and critical thinking in class discussions amongst peers. I ask them to share for example their real world experience in regards to a topic, and if no real world experience, what they might do if confronted with the situation. After several contribute their thoughts, I like to say "great discussion between one another here" and praise them for sharing with… >>>

Hi Karen!

Great post! Like you, I always learn when instructing others. I even share with my students that I learn as much from them as they may learn from me. I may post a question about a topic that was in the news, and while I have my own perspective on the topic, I have found that students, perhaps of different cultures, may have a completely different perspective which causes me to stop and reflect, and many times change my own opinion. Thank you for sharing!

Yes, agreed! I have taught for several colleges online, and not sure if it is the platform they used, or course developers? However, I find that student retention is enhanced when a course is organized in such a manner that students can go through the modules and complete the work without being weighted down by issues such as where or how to locate where to post information. It is helpful to communicate with students in the 1st week to ensure they know how to navigate the system, and are not afraid to ask questions if they can't figure something out.

Agreed, Donna! :)

I really enjoyed this course which was chock full of great information to enhance online learners experience and retain them as students. As we are instructing "online" our tone may not be reflected in virtual messages we are sending. Therefore, I really appreciated the examples of "positive language" we can use to address student issues, and concerns, including the use of emoticons which further express our feelings that cannot be seen in a virtual message. As noted in the presentation, "The words we use reveal much about our attitudes and intentions. It is important to be thoughtful with language and… >>>

I agree with you all! Every time I teach a class, no matter what it is, I learn something new. As the world of health care changes daily, I like to provide time sensitive materials that are occurring during the class that I am teaching. For example, the other day while researching articles for a management course, I learned that physicians can now dismiss patients who will not adhere to getting their children immunized. Every day is a learning experience if you are an instructor! I was also once told that we should actually post something that is not true… >>>

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