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Ann Hill

Location: florida

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I am a quiet, humble individual and enjoys life and thank God for each moment.

I have a master's in technology, instruct pharmacy technician and my best friend is my twin sister.


education, swimming, computer programming, art


diveristy of computer, calculations, art, athletic.


For students who do not want to do the work, but want a degree I have learned teaching them with respect goes a long way.

I find the more interaction with the student the more motivated they are to attend class and participate.

What are your thoughts? 

Strategies plays a major role in how the online student reacts to assignments and the outcome of the grades they receive. Communication is so important and getting back to the student with questions in a timely manner.  UMA works well by allowing the instructors to collaborate together and to connect with management often. Program management allows the online instructor to help with the design aspect of the curriculum. 

I have students from another part of the world and ask for an instructor who speaks Spanish or other language. How does one deal with students who lack English communication?

How do we as instructors clear the path to those that are lazy to think?

I find when communicating with students via discussion posts, the instructor must have error free material. 

Change is always good, especially keeping the mind sharp and up-to-date. I love a challenge when it comes to technology. It was not this easy when I grew up in a classroom, very old school.

I am not a fan of T/F questions. As mentioned, the idea is to make the T/F question understandable. Many students stumble over these questions. I rarely use them and seem to continue to gravitate on multiple choice.

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Focus on students needs rather than their personal emotional environment outside of class, has helped

eleviate the blowups during class. I agree, "remain current with all rules and regulations" I enjoy

the knowledge learned within the school system. I'm glad it is a requirement.

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I too found the info very informative.

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