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School Commitment

Describe a practice at your institution that demonstrates School Commitment.

My school has an employment placement department which is fairly common for a vocational school ,however they demonstrate their commitment by offering life long job placement

Michael, do your graduates actually take advantage of life long placement? Did you have graduates return for help during the recent economic downturn?

We provide numerous services from job assistance before and after graduation, housing assistance, food pantry, counseling, tutoring etc.

And how do you evaluate their effectiveness, Vincent? Why do you offer these services?

Some of the more recent practices that demonstrate school commitment - not only demonstrate committment to students, but also their families. CPR claases free of cost for students and families - assistance with finding housing, babysitting services, dental cleanings and exams.

The school also has a food pantry for students and offers tutoring when students are able to attend - not just at certain hours that may not be convenient for the student.

Specifically within my department of Fashion Design and Merchandising we offer the students many opportunities to showcase their work in the public to get feedback outside of the facutly and peers of the fashion department which helps give the students a sense of accomplishment and to have their dreams come alive while they are in school and not just when they graduate.

We have active Student Services office. They seek out students in need.

We have more than a few idea to help students deal with stress and show commitment to their success. We get together list of students and where they live.

If one student has problems getting to the campus we try to arrange transportation with other students.

my school has a very committed placement program

What's your role in connecting the Student Services office with students in need, Tim?

Chelsea, how do you handle the inevitable negative feedback that will come to some students from the public? Are you able to manage to damage to the new designers' egos?

Joe, how is this commitment communicated to the student? What makes them believe the commitment is real?

Our school requires all students to complete qan externship in which most lead to a job offer or leads them to another offer. We try to get externships that are currently needing wmployees.

That's an impressive list, Phyllis. Do many of the students and/or their families take advantage of the CPR training?

Anthony, does someone actively manage this list? Is it posted for all to see? Are there any concerns about privacy?

Brenda, is the externship program managed by the academic department or the career services office?

We, Program Directors, handle the externships.

The list is managed and is completely voluntary.. They have meetings for it about once a month.

We also have a job placement department with lifelong placement and we do have graduates who take advantage of it. We also offer refresher training if a graduate has not worked in a while and wants to get back into the field, they can come back and work in the skills lab.

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