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Career Event Assessment & Follow-Up | Origin: CS114

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Developing Effective Job and Career Fairs for Students --> Career Event Assessment & Follow-Up

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned that it is very important to do follow ups after the event with: employers, students and volunteers.

I like the concept of a follow up survey to indicate what people like and what could be improved. 

I learned the value of surveys and proper etiquette of follow up and thank you for all those who participated. 


Follow-ups are a great way to express thanks/appreciation for everyone involved and to reflect on how the event went.


Following up is an important aspect of the event. 


How can an event without proper follow-up ever be justified as a success? In this section, I have gotten a better glimpse of just how important the collection of data and surveys is for understanding how a career fair "went". I appreciated hearing how it is okay to have paper surveys and online. Among the most valuable information I received during the material today is the content on what to ask in a survey. I have learned that it is nice to hear some opinions from students or employers, but the real meat of the survey comes by two methods....(1) easy data quantification and (2) specific feedback for improvement purposes. 

Follow up is key to improve your event processes and buy in. 

I learned the importance of 'feedback and follow up' for the purposes of networking, increasing efficiency, reach and effectiveness. 

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