Lyn DeCarlo

Lyn DeCarlo

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I also found it interesting reviewing ROI.  

I also like the idea of employer engagement solutions.  These are good reminders when working with potential employers. 

I like the idea of branding your service and demostrate how it could benefit an employer. 

I like the 5 part framework for working with employers. 

I like the concept of a follow up survey to indicate what people like and what could be improved. 

I like the idea of a virtual event which would allow students an opportunity to have more direct contact with employers and the could select more beneficial meetings with students. 

I was amazed to see that social media plays a role in the success of a career fair.  Not being a user of these platforms indicates I might want to look into them more because of their benefits of an event like this. 

Get people involved to promote the event. Involve students and local business partners. 

I feel that it is important for WBL Coordinators to look at each placement opportunity as a partnership that you are building to help your students, the business, and the community. 

I believe both the training agreement and training plan are very important for each student's placement.  It is important that everyone understands the expectations of these documents for a successful student placement. 

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