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Compliance Training Course

I have learned new concepts, rules, and regulations that my Institution needs to know to stay licensed in Florida.

It is important to follow rules, and regulations and to stay updated in any changes happening. I have increased my knowledge through this online training course. It has been resourceful and convenient because is online, which means, I had the time to enter in thje portal at any time during office or off hours.

I am satisfy that I am now getting my certification to stay in Compliance in Florida. Thank you FASCP

This course was helpful in providing links to various resources that I was not aware of.  These tools will be helpful in our job performance.

They provided much needed information. Many things I was aware of but others I was not. I now know more to ensure proper regulation. Also, its great to have completed this course to make sure that I am up to par with my compliance license.

This was a good refresher course overall.

this was a great course. Offered a lot of information. The links really helped me gather the info that I'll need to be successful in this new carreer.

I truly enjoyed this course. It helped me to understand the requirements needed to be compliant. One of the biggest was the "education" hours. Our college uses the 50-minute hour. This was one of the changes which needed to be implemented. It was good to have this information early, so the changes could be done now.

I learned a lot from this course.  Our customers are our students and we need to "Do the Right Thing".

Transparency seems to be the key. If you are honest, focused on what is right, direct and objective it seems that everything else just falls into place. Promoting your school as being a great place to go means that we have to make it a great place to be. In order to create an honest and open relationship with our customers we have to consistently be honest and open and transparent.  I think this rule applies to all businesses.

After being here a year and taking this course now a second time the meaning of the word "transparency" has benn re-inforced as it applies to our school.  Honesty is the best policy!

@BethKeener :

I agree - the course was also a good reminder that even a seemingly innocuous comment can be non-compliant, so we have to be careful how we express our pride in our schools, especially where superlatives are concerned.

This training refreshed my performance and I learned new compliance procedures that will help me with my career.

I found the Superlative section very interesting. The "st" are prohibited. 

Overall, the course was very informative and now I have a sense of how schools such as this are governed.

Thank you, Concorde!   


The course was insightful as I had some misconceptions on specifics required of admissions reps.

@jelekes :

I agree. I am glad that we have this opportunity to learn about governing rules and regulations which helps us to provide a superb service and job security by being in compliance.

This is the 2nd time I've taken this course and I think it's good to have a yearly refresher.

This is the first time I have taken this course. I am in the middle of an accreditation process and the material covered here has been a crucial piece of the puzzle. I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge and feel confident moving forward. I can only imagine what I would gain from it as a refresher.

@joecuenco : you are right this course is really helpfull for compliance and regulations

@IseadMMartell :

It is important to brainstorm and share your experiences so others can continue to learn as well. Get to know about each department in your  institution. keep updated on all procedures, rules and regulations or any changes, learn something every day. There is always room for knowledge and improvements

This course was a good refresher.


This is the second time I've taken this course, and I am able to learn more from it each time.  Very informative and helpful, and I like the links provided as resources. 


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