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Create Transparency: Representations | Origin: CM104

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Compliant Interactions: Acting with Integrity --> Create Transparency: Representations

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I think all of the sections in this module are intertwined. Employees need to remember that they are all representatives of the school and need to be mindful in all interactions. We cannot give false or misleading information regarding the school when discussing the program, outcomes, etc. We need to maintain transparency any time information is being discussed.

All interactions with students need to remain professional and transparent. Especially if you're networking on Facebook. It's important to make sure you're not giving misinformation nor discussing other institutions with students. 

Any statements made must be supported by facts and sources. Saying "Our facility is the best" is a misrepresentation, But stating "Our facility was deemed the best in 2020 by _______" would be factual if supported by a credible source. 

Substantial Misrepresentation is very easy to do, knowing or not. For FA, this could cause the department to receive a fine, and possibly you could lose your job. I learn a new word superlative, which are different adjective words. I learned that they are not allowed to be used from the school standpoint, however, an outside source can use in relating to the school. 


Always be transparent in what you say and how you represent the school, be prepared to back up statements with facts.


Accurate representation of facts is critical when talking with a prospective student.


Being careful not to give information that is absolute or using superlatives is key to gaining trust with anyone.

Being mindful of the company we represent and the prospective employees or students who might become a part of this University.  



Being honest with a transparency and accruate disclosure is the key of a success in any school system.

Transparency and accuracy of information always build trust with prospective clients/students. Thus, employees should be mindful of what they say all the time since they represent the school/institution.

When we create transparency with a prospective student, it forms the basis of the bond of trust.  That is what is needed to form that lasting bond with a student that results in retention and ultimately graduation and hopefully their aspirations realized.  When a student feels that you will be honest with them - really honest.... they will, in turn be honest with you.


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