Rachielle Capati

Rachielle Capati

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9-10 minutes attention span

The "flipping the classroom" concept sounds very interesting.  My worry is students not wanting to invest time or students not having time to do the pre-class learning.

It is good to always remember that the main goal of a test is to measure what the students know rather than what they do not know.


I learned Bloom's taxonomy (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) and its importance.  As educators, our job doesn't simply end by providing information to our students.  They have to learn how to apply/utilize the lessons they learned in real life.


Utilize questions that are clear, simple and relevant.

Encourage students to ask questions and provide adequate time to discuss the answers. 


I would like to know each students preferred learning style from the beginning of the class.  I will include it durinng the initial class introduction.


"Good teachers know their content, subject.  Great teachers know their students."


This module opened my eyes to the emotional component of learning.

I will always remember that I was a student once, and to always try to put myself in their shoes.



HUMAN FACTOR, make an effort to build rapport with your students the moment they set foot in the classroom.

I would always remember the "horse" analogy.


KNOW YOUR STUDENTS - not only by name; know what kind of support (internal and external) they need, what motivates them, and what their career goals are


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