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Thru Service learning, students have opportunity to be selfless by helping the community.


The idea of establishing a service learning program as a part of the training curriculum is intriguing. Being able to give the students a real life hands on experience would work wonders for retention and student growth. The closer to real life application the experience is, the better it prepares the student to be an active contributor to the community after training. 

The union between the community and the training center is enhanced as well as the students sense of ownership and connection to the community.

Service learning give the students confidence and personal validation.  Engages them in an activity that give students a sense of purpose.  

Service learning is beneficial for students to learn about a future career and learn more about their own growth.


It is possible to set up a service learning project so that students can select from a variety of possibilities rather than having them prescribed.

Creating a variety of service opportunities is critical to student "buy in" and will promote both student and community satisfaction.

Working at a welding program we always have the public stop in with they're projects that need built and its always good for the school to help out.

Service learning is a way to build community and create relationships among the public. There was not too much information that was new to me, but merely reinforced the significance of service learning. If you want something real and tangible for student buy-in, service learning might be the way for you. 

Service learning is a great way to connect students with community members and build a strong working relationship.

It is important for a successful service-learning environment at a school, that from all the way at the top down to students there is buy-in. 

It sounds like my program is already doing service learning!

Services students can provide can help others in caring for their animals correctly. Time is all they will spend, if only 1 person decides to further their education to provide correct info to those who want to know is worth that time they spend.

Service learning integrates community service with academic knowledge to provide students with practical, hands-on experience that contributes to personal growth, civic engagement, and social responsibility. By engaging in service learning, our students can apply classroom knowledge to real-world issues, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, understand societal needs more deeply, and enhance their communication and teamwork abilities. Service learning fosters a sense of empathy, cultural awareness, and ethical leadership while promoting positive social change and community development. Through service learning experiences, our students can make meaningful contributions to society, build connections with diverse communities, and prepare for future careers by gaining valuable skills and experiences that align with their academic and professional goals. 

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