Jane Chabon

Jane Chabon

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Service Learning is a part of our learning curriculum.  Students are required to not only participate in campus activities, but also are to do volunteer service in their field of study.  

We had our student work with the American Red Cross, signing in donors, walkers, and working the canteen table.  They were able to interact with the public and assist with an organization.  They were very excited to participate in this activity.  

Service learning give the students confidence and personal validation.  Engages them in an activity that give students a sense of purpose.  

Problem solving is task that needs to be taught and reinforced.  

I teach in a vocational school environment in the Medical Office Administration program.  It is essential that students learn to be critical thinkers as the medical field is very busy.  Students will be multitasking which also requires them to be active listeners.  

Team Work, Team Work, Team Work...the key to a successful classroom, work environment.  Being posiitive and focusing on the "Glass half full".  


Being truly present with the students in class and reassuring them your purpose is to guide and teach them.  Students need to feel that you are engaged with their needs.  

As a Medical Assistant instructor I can certainly understand the need for IT.  Within the Health Care field, having patients information created, shared and saved using technology is the best thing since "sliced bread".  The accuracy and timely manner in which we can now treat patient is awesome.  Student using a e-health simulation that is so realistic, that transioning into the work field will be less intimidating.  

Working together as a team, allow employees the ability to learn and learn to live with each other’s likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. When they work together for a long time, the team naturally becomes more collaborative and cohesive.  

Critical thinking is a "educational goal" I have for all my students.  Being in the medical field, quick and sharp thinking are essential to success of the practice and patients alike.  


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