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The points of learning were vast but focused on helping employees develop their performance through coaching. 

Keeping a team focused on an agenda and motivated is key to success. 

The Service Learning program gives the students real condition experience. this helps prepare them to function in the given field of employment post graduation. It also helps them develop confidence in their skills and abilities. Being able to actively use the skills learned in the classroom in real life settings helps them see the value of their training and acquired knowledge.

Evaluating the students learning from the project is somewhat subjective. Identifying the students initiative and commitment to the project is one factor. The students own assessment of what they've gained from participating is another consideration. 

The idea of establishing a service learning program as a part of the training curriculum is intriguing. Being able to give the students a real life hands on experience would work wonders for retention and student growth. The closer to real life application the experience is, the better it prepares the student to be an active contributor to the community after training. 

The union between the community and the training center is enhanced as well as the students sense of ownership and connection to the community.

Service learning gets the students involved in the community in a real world environment. it also helps the student to feel like an active contributor to their community, developing a connection or relationship to the community. Additionally the student is learning to work as a contributor and sustainer of that community experiencing personal growth and learning.

allowing students to choose which assignment or suggest which assignment helps them learn the most can influence their motivation.

Developing long term goals with a student requires an understanding of their life situation and desires. 


Listening to a person must be an active and engaged event. demonstrating that you are understanding their point by verbal or non verbal responses will make the speaker feel heard and understood.


The focus of an educator and the educational institution has to be the growth and education of the student. That growth may differ from one student to another, however it has to be the main focus. 


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