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Impact on Students | Origin: ED148

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ChatGPT and Its Educational Uses --> Impact on Students

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

especially creativity 

Students love this. It is incumbent upon instructors to explain the usage and the parameters for pertaining to their classes

I struggled with this module in that - are students really aware of and/or care about plagiarism and the limitations? Or did they just "say it" because it was the right thing to say.  Let's have them use ChatGPT to write an outline on the limitations or downsides of ChatGPT in education and then have the students fill in the essay, collaborate with others, then present it and debate it.

I am aware of the issues and difficult situations that can get students into trouble. I would proceed with caution.

Students are already using ChatGPT; it's important to ensure that students understand how it can be used properly and what would be considered improper use for each class/subject/assignment.

chatgpt could be used for class discussion questions and quizzes.

It seems students prefer using ChatGPT because they appreciate the benefits of the technology while being aware of the pitfalls. 

I could see this as a great tool for introducing new vocabulary terms. Dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia in one setting. 

he aprendido que el ChatGPT muy bien valorado por los estudiantes pero que son conscientes de que es fundamental la participacion del profesor en clase para maximizar el aprendizaje

I can see students using ChatGPT when they may not have an thorough understanding of the assignment and I think they may use it when they are running out of time to complete an assignment. 

I am still warming up to chatGPT because I have seen it used many times in cases of student plagiarism. After completing this module, I have decided I will bring chatGPT into the classroom to show students how they can appropriately use the technology to help recall specific facts or content such as sign and symptoms of different disease processes.

I think it can help students find their best studying style, if they feed the correct info to ChatGPT.
Also a student can ask: How can I study.....?
A student can use it to analyze posts of other students, to provide responses.

ChatGPT can be harnessed to improve students' learning experience.

ChatGPT can be used with limitations, but students are already using it to write complete essays. Based on AI detection, I've had numerous essays flagged for 100% AI-generated writing. While that cannot be proved, the style of writing and vocabulary are often more advanced than the students' normal writing.

I am not in favor of promoting ChatGPT in the classroom, but students know more about it than I do and will use it anyway.

Using it to prompt good concept questions and activities to help the students learn.

I have learned that students like this to use for Q&A to better gauge their understanding.  I will use this information and ensure students are properly using this to facilitate their learning.

I have learned that ChatGPT can have a very positive effect on the students through having a way to organize their materials and giving them feedback on how they’re doing and I think it will be a good thing. 

Use it and point out the limitations and why critical thinking is so important.

I have learned that the fear many educators felt when ChatGPT was first introduced  has been replaced with an air of curiosity and exploration. I will use this new atmosphere to experiment and learn how to make even better use of AI in my courses.

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