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Building Cultural Competency in Instructors | Origin: ED404

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Building Cultural Competency in Instructors

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I yet, do not understand this concept...?

I have found that increased cultural competency helps us to relate information to the students in a more global manner.  It helps me to avoid approaching the instructional information from one cultural view.  By incorporating a global understanding of the instructional information, I can introduce the students to the information through the lens of other cultural groups, philosophies, and special interest groups.

I have found a new understanding of where my students are coming from to help them see how their co-workers, and patients will feel when speaking to them.

Treat every student individually.

Treat students with respect and as individuals. Encourage and model curiosity and an open mind.


A top takeaway form this course relates to how being "color blind" is not the aim; instead, we want to undertsand differences and similarities so we can all communicte and work together effectively. In order to do this, we need to reduce bias and "speak up to disrupt" bias and acknowledge and health. 

Another takeway was making a perosnal mission statement. I really liked the sample one from Brian Thomas: "Have people be seen, known, and valued when they are in my presence." My mission statment related to repsecting and encouraging all students and helping them succeed because when they succeed - we all benefit - the student wins, we also do as teachers, and society benefits as well. 

I found my perceptions of cultural diversity and bias related to race is differtly view by the students of a different generation.

Awareness of self helps us to understand others.   It is key to journal and continue to learn about various cultures.




I think self awareness can go a long way with cultural competnency.  Sometimes its difficult to put yourself in one's shoes and cultural competency gives you the tools to consider alternate perspectives. 

I really appreciate the fact that cultural competency is a process. Also, the emphasis on trust really struck a cord with me. I live in an area where a lot of teachers come for one year and then leave. Now that I have been here for 8 years, I can understand where the students are coming from, and I know them and their circumstances a lot better. Having that connection with them has made a world of difference in what we can accomplish in class and on a personal level.


My goal is to treat every student as an individual and to give each the same opportunities to be successful.

Cultural Competency is definitley an ongoing challenge. Students attitudes about themselves or their situation can make it challenging, for the teacher and the student, possibly the students class.


My goal to treat every student fairly and with kindness.

My takeway from this course is to be more aware of my students and who they are. I work very hard to build relationships with them and not to have my own bias interfere with who they are or their learning. I really appreciated the gentle reminder as an educator in this course.


To understand the situations of the student and see them as individuals with special needs . 

I believe in our current times of racial division in America with the deaths of people like George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, and others, it is vital that we as instructors build cultural competencies with our students to bridge our cultural differences. We need to try harder not to stereotype or judge others from their race, religion, gender, cultural beliefs, or political ideology. We need to learn to appreciate all of our differences and learn from one another. When we learn unity, our world will live in harmony and peace.

John Mares

March 24, 2021


Give everyone a voice and listen to what they are saying.


Try to include and "see" everyone!  Give all students opportunities to change their lives for the positive!

Appreciate individuals and encourage their growth and learning! 


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