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Changing Lives Daily... >>>

Leadership in Higher Education

Career colleges are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of a diverse student body, future employment needs, and governmental mandates... >>>

Leading with Influence

As the learning leader in a course it is important that educators work to earn the respect of their students. ... >>>

Managing in Career Education

The Managing in Career Education Group is for dedicated managers in postsecondary education to discuss topics related to managing in... >>>

Managing the Class & Students

Instructors need to know how to manage the flow of instruction in their classes while engaging all of their students... >>>

Managing Workplace Challenges

Challenges in the workplace occur on a regular basis.  Professionals need to be able to meet the challenges and develop... >>>

Massage Therapy Instruction

Instructors in the field of massage therapy need to be current in the technical aspects of massage therapy so they... >>>

Military Recruitment

BTE-MRC provides educators with legal and ethical guidelines for schools and recruiters, as well as basic information on service academies,... >>>

Missouri ACTE 2020 Summer Conference

This is a private group for participants of the Missouri ACTE 2020 Summer Conference.... >>>

Modeling & Teaching Professionalism

It is critical for instructors to model professionalism to their students and all others with whom they work.  As role... >>>

motivated teachers

Ideas on haow to mitivate each other... >>>


In a keynote address given by Neil Gaiman he shared many great piece of advice. One in particular I found to be... >>>

National Forum on Career Success

The National Forum on Career Success (formerly known as The Student Retention Forum) was founded in 2007 and organized as... >>>

NAVITAS Performance Group

This is a private group for NAVITAS employees to come together to discuss challenges, solutions, trends and hot topics.  Group... >>>

New York CTE Leaders

As a career and technical education instructional leader, you seek to deliver high-quality CTE to your students. The New York... >>>

New York CTE- Academic ELA

This is a sharing and support group for English Language Arts teachers and CTE teachers working collaboratively to improve literacy... >>>

New York CTE-Academic Math

This is a sharing and support group for Mathematics teachers and CTE Teachers working collaboratively to improve mathematics-related instruction in... >>>

New York CTE-Academic Science

This is a sharing and support group for Science teachers and CTE Teachers working collaboratively to improve Science-related instruction in... >>>

NRVTA Education Team

This gruop includes the NRVTA's Full-Time Instructors, the Director of Education, and Managing Director. ... >>>