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Students have many questions about pursuing a career in Journalism and Media. whether to study in India or abroad, new media or traditional media, which subjects to take in high school, formal media studies vs. learning on the job, practical courses vs. theoretical studies and much more !!
Watch - - Journalism & Media- career advice from Narinder Kapur (Masters from University of Sussex) - everything you wanted to know and all your questions answered

Dear Educators, I am a teacher/trainer running a YouTube Channel on a ProBono basis. My intent is to fill the information gap between the applicants to university / college and the students at these respective colleges. Watch free videos of student interviews at various universities in US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries, in which they share their experiences and answer some important questions. Already featured Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, NYU, Full Scholarship at WashU, Oxford, Brown, Transfer from UCLA to Columbia, NYU Tisch, Tufts, McGill, London School of Economics and more!. New videos getting added every week.… >>>

Soe conferences have more vaalue than others.  I'm curious to know which ones you find valueable and why.

How does your institution schedule training?  What about Adjuct or part-time instructors?

I was going to suggest Prezi as well.

I have found that utilizing to create presentations from powerpoints helps to add another dimension to the information that I am presenting.  I also create unique ways to introduce topics through mindmapping.  I have found that is a little more classroom friendly (eliminates the inappropriate videos that you may find on youtube).

What is the best media that you can use in your classroom?  I tend to use PPT's and Youtube videos in my classes.  There are alot of good videos out on Youtube.

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