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One person with many hats.  It's a lot to juggle and sometimes one person is split across multiple high schools.

Yes, it is important to understand the rules that accompany the funding.

They are ensuring that funds are spent on appropriate things that are allocable to the grant.

The rules support the idea that Perkins funding is for the extra - routine items should be budgeted as part of the regular school budget cycle or purchased from a sponsor rather than the grant.

No, I wasn't surprised at the rules.  However, after seeing the links to the statutes and regs, I am surprised there isn't more ongoing PD.  I also am intrigued to learn more about how we can blend together industry funding, school budgets, and the Perkins grant to maximize programs.

CTE has the potential to increase student engagement and excite learning. Many of the CTE courses in my school district fill all of their seats during course registration. Students in CTE course also tend to perform at a high level in their other non-CTE courses. 

I was not surprised at all. With a program of this size, there must be checks and balances. However, it can be very challenging on the local level to understand the regulations without proper training.

Soft skills get you the job and allow you to keep the job vs job skill level.

By being engaged with the community and their needs.

Industry leaders in your field, employers , community leaders

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