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One that successfully bridges community need with student growth

We definitely haven't employed a yearly calendar in our planning & will start doing so immediately. 

The sooner students are involved in positive community changes, the better the community. So important to infuse youthful perspectives in building what our communities look like

While we always seek to gain more industry partners, I do think it would be great to add some non-profits to the list, as well as seek to weave ourselves into the thread of Rotary. 

Continue to add more members, which will in turn translate into more student opportunities.  Bring pictures of past events and results to the meetings so industry partners can see what is going on.  Maybe even have a quarterly newsletter where updates are sent out.

I think any community involvement is a benefit to students, and we try to do this in many ways.  A new way I would like to explore is the idea of having our core curriculum teachers participate in a summer internship at a local business to have the opportunity to see how their class content connects to the workplace and incorporate that knowledge/application when teaching the content to students.

Implementing workplace norms and practices in the classroom model behaviors necessary for career success.

Model the behaviors you want to see from your staff.

No expectation of having students assess interests and aptitudes. 

As far as I can tell there is very little attention paid to career exploration activities.  Students are required to complete a "career plan" but it's based only on their own self-reported ideas not on any assessments or exploration activities. 

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