If you have a gut feeling someone may not be able to benefit from your training, you have an ethical responsibility not to enroll them, maybe suggest an alternative... >>>

Watching the Disclosure video

You said that each student must get  a copy of the disclosure form, they watch the video and a copy is e-mailed to them, is that the... >>>

Admissions Representative

How long does it take to recieve your agent permit once completed with... >>>

Shirts and other giveaways

Hello All, I am just wondering how you handle giveaway items for folks attending events sponsored by the school. Do you do it? How do you build your contact list utilizing... >>>


i agree, it is important to advertise correct information so that prospective students are not mislead. the U.S department of lablor does provide the accurate inofrmation that we as admissions reps... >>>

Cataloge/ Enrolment agreement

It  is the responsibility of  admissions and the college to provide to the student the catalog and where to find the information they need about policys and procedures. I... >>>


Prospective students are looking for a career change or to start a new career so that they can make a better life..upfront they need to know the demand or work force future and income they can... >>>


Students will be successful and graduate when we do the right thing. Prospective students rely on admission representatives to assist them and give them the correct guidance into a career... >>>


At times it gets hard to verify that all information on an instructors resume is correct.  What is a best... >>>

Resource book materials

Hello, as we apply for a new school permit for a 600 clock hour program, I am wondering if it is possible to get a model copy of the of following materials for best practices so that we can get it as... >>>

Helpful Information

This presentation was very beneficial as it employes all the do's and... >>>


Are the "Mills" still operating in Ohio? Who regulates the adverisment in regards to the... >>>

Compliance is good

Even though I  am an experienced representative, it is always good to review the compliance policies to stay current and accurate when working with potential... >>>

Making sure all the pieces fit together

There are times when a person is facing too many obstacles to begin a program. I try to make sure they are clear as to what is expected of them from the school and be able to realistically fullfill... >>>

Make your students feel comfortable.

First week of class is a good time to review the school catalog, who's who and handling questions before they... >>>

being endorsed by cos in advertising

Still unclear as to what is needed to use an outside company's name in our advertising. Will ask our management team... >>>

surety bonds

I didn't realize how much it costs to register a school and protect... >>>

Great refresher for compliant schools

I found this training to be very relevent and a great reminder of everything schools need to know to remain compliant and properly serve our... >>>

Present Accurate Information

Only offer accurate information to prospective students and reach out to other staff memebers for... >>>