Students best interest

When interviewing a prospect it is best practice to ask them  about their any previous education and what they are looking for in a college to be... >>>

Refreshers are necessary

I still continue to find useful information on these CEU modules. Even after 10 years in higher education there are still things you can learn through... >>>

Dept of Education

Is the Dept of Education's approval goes hand in hand with institutional... >>>

Advisory Committee

I feel this is one of the best assets for a specialized technical programs.  This allows the program directors to keep their finger on the pulse of the field they teach/manage by interacting with... >>>

Agent Permit

I have always felt other departments should be exposed to the agent permit so they have a better understanding of the admissions processes and... >>>

Different Regulations By State

I feel regulations that guide our education systems should be more consistent and completed on a national level instead of the state level.  This inconsistency causes schools to shy away from... >>>


Hypothetical question:   Nursing programs are approved by Ohio Board of NUrsing. The same institution is accredited by ACCSC. If ACCSC close an institution would that close the nursing program... >>>

Accreditation requirements

Very informatitve to learn how involved a process and that credits will not always transfer and the reasons behind... >>>

Course Catelog

Where is the best place to list... >>>

Is it ethically required to deny enrollment or not?

As an admission representative you may have a gut feeling someone may not be a successful student. Is it ethically required to deny enrollment or not? That is a loaded question. We are trying to... >>>

Knowledge is Power

For someone who hasnt been involved in Institutions of higher learning, this is a great way to understand the rules of... >>>


What type of accredidation does your school... >>>

Ohio regional accreditation

what are the regional accrediting bodies for... >>>

Answers are wrong on the test.

Who do i contact if the answer to question on the test are... >>>

Career Fairs

The information in the course is very clear and concise. Are there any specifications on schools that host careers and the activities that may occur with regards to job offers for potential grads? For... >>>

Student Enrollment for Online Students

Are the students that enroll in a school's online program required to view the campus and available equipment as part of the enrollment... >>>

The Ohio Training-

The Training was very informative and I took a lot from it. It's best to always be ethical. We always win the best connections when doing... >>>


If you have a gut feeling someone may not be able to benefit from your training, you have an ethical responsibility not to enroll them, maybe suggest an alternative... >>>