Empowering Students

One of the simplest ways to empower students is by encouraging leadership behaviors. Provide ample opportunity for students to take charge, whether that’s through group activities or explaining... >>>


Hello Group
Training is essential and key to becoming a great leader.
Mia... >>>

Action Plan

My action plan is very simple.  My goal is to continue to grow in all area's to better support my team and... >>>

my experience

I learned a great deal about what a college must achieve to... >>>

Action Plan

Overall, I am new to this but my action plan would be to apply all I have learned today and apply it to my normal day working in my... >>>

Ready to kick-off the new journey!

Upon completion of the new agent license lessons, I've obtainted comprehensive knowledge regarding recruitment and admissions in the state of Ohio. It's important to keep in mind some vital rules such... >>>


I was able to obtain a lot of new knowledge from the course that I did not know before hand. I feel more comfortable in my job position now because of the knowledge I was able to... >>>

Best Practices

I continue to train with the admissions team as well as our academic team to provide the most updated information on our programs. I feel that knowledge is the key to providing the most accurate... >>>

Refreshers Indeed Refresh!

The Ohio Faculty and Staff Compliance Course OH110 is a great tool to brush up on compliance areas and issues that do not arise very often in our school. It is easy to forget knowledge that is rarely... >>>

Ohio compliance

This was a required course for me to take by my school.  Since I am not involved with Admissions or Administration it was informative and I learned... >>>


This course did not help me be a better instructor for our students. We should always aim to help our students... >>>

Compliance for Schools!

Great Program to take! Learned about about Career... >>>

New to Teaching

i found this to be very helpful in realizing how i can improve on my own soft... >>>

New Instructor

I am a new instructor and found this information very helpful because I was not aware of the accreditation rules. This will be helpful moving forward in my... >>>


I feel the course has ooutlined eveything that I need to... >>>

Annual Training

I think it's good that annual training is required for Title IX coordinators.  It pointed out to me that we need to better identify whether instructors are responsible reporters, and I checked in... >>>

Good Common Sense Information

The testing and information was good as a reminder of what some may have forgot about policy, procedures and rules of compliance concerning... >>>