Ohio Compliance Training

This training made sure we knew all the best practices and the rules to follow when helping... >>>

Understanding Compliance Important

This was my first time taking a course such as this. I now understand the importance and how my school stays in compliance. I think it is very benefical in knowing the process so as a member of the... >>>


As a Representative of a Learning Institution that operates with the highest standard, one's behavoir must come from a point of good moral principles. Always willing to learn and share with others.... >>>

Inspect What You're Expecting

One of the best practices is ensuring admissions reps are held compliant.  This could be done by consistently usage of a check system.  The admissions manager should meet with the... >>>


I was a good reminder to remain... >>>

I passed

I passed with a 92 percent first... >>>

Integrity is best policy all the time

We always need to be on the integrity check list.  The student deserves our best practices and follow the guildlines with in our agent permit.  Honesty is always the best... >>>

My reflections

Great experience. Enhanced my... >>>

Know Better, Do Better

This course helped me better understand what I can apply to my position. I aim to use the information to improve my performance.
Thank... >>>


I found this to be an interesting course.  While I likely will not directly apply much of it personally, there are areas about which I feel bettee... >>>

Empowering Students

One of the simplest ways to empower students is by encouraging leadership behaviors. Provide ample opportunity for students to take charge, whether that’s through group activities or explaining... >>>


Hello Group
Training is essential and key to becoming a great leader.
Mia... >>>

Action Plan

My action plan is very simple.  My goal is to continue to grow in all area's to better support my team and... >>>

my experience

I learned a great deal about what a college must achieve to... >>>

Action Plan

Overall, I am new to this but my action plan would be to apply all I have learned today and apply it to my normal day working in my... >>>

Ready to kick-off the new journey!

Upon completion of the new agent license lessons, I've obtainted comprehensive knowledge regarding recruitment and admissions in the state of Ohio. It's important to keep in mind some vital rules such... >>>