OH Compliance

This was a very informative class and I learned lots. It was also very user friendly and easy to follow.
 ... >>>


This course has taught me to be ethical in all... >>>

Best practice

With knowledge comes wisdom, so have gained wisdom going through is course. The best practices is continuesly study this information so you can be the best Director and great for your student. ... >>>

What I learned

I learned a lot about the dialog and the set up the admissions process. I also found that the wording of some of our dialog needs to be revamped or twaeked a little. I enjoyed the... >>>

Plan of Action

I like to have the course update me on ethical behavior regarding the recruitment (and related activities) of students. I look at this course as a sharpening of awareness / refocus on what is... >>>

Ethics : What is in the Best Interest of the Student

I feel its important to be ethical when discussing options for a students future. Knowing what is ethical and what is not ethical is vital in helping someone make a decision with there career path.... >>>


Should have more staff... >>>

Best practices always first

I will continue to provide my students with the best customer service experience while executing professional jusdgement and ehtical standards. Working in higher education, particularly in the... >>>

Rules and regs

Good reminder of rules and regulations.  Very through for understanding of what happens in OHIO. Seems like John really emphasizes that Anyhow, this training is important because sometimes you do... >>>

Ohio Compliance Courses

First of all, I 'm greatful for sharing in these courses, because they help me in the admission department, marketing and just how to explaining or what to say and how to place it.
I plan to use this... >>>


This is a great way for me to learn all of the things that I am needed to... >>>

My takeaways

What I get from this course is that is is essential to keep abreast of the regulations, requirements, and benefits of the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges.  Working with students day-to-day,... >>>

Knowledge is Power

The information that you give to a future student may be interrpreted diffrently than what you think is being said. Speaking in clear concise and simple terms is the key to... >>>

Learning is Great

I will apply what I have learned in this course in order to do my job better and have productive & accurate conversations with my... >>>

On Line Training

The Color Test needed more time to really explore the overall personalities of the different colors. 
I hope to explore the Color Test more in the near... >>>

Action Plan

I intend to use the knowledge I have gained to help our students succeed and also to make sure I am giving accurate... >>>


It is very important for an agent to remain mindful of all of the proper admissions requirements at the school and state levels in order to remain in... >>>

Informative traing

The agent training was helpful and easy to... >>>

Honesty is key!

A good rule of thumb when it comes to Admissions is to put yourself in the student's shoes.  If I was looking to enroll in a school program, I would want to hear factual information about the... >>>