Margaret Ludlam

Margaret Ludlam

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Enlightening discussion of the many reasons students can be alienated from the online course (and ways to deal with each type).

Good advice for instructor orchestration of discussions in order to get quality participation from students.


Good idea to post messages and reminders and to make individual contacts on a frequent basis.


I like the critical thinking element of student participation.



I intend to use more small groups to access and process the material in a non-threatening atmosphere.  I will also practice more eye contact and "wait time" before answering my own questions!

Two things I've picked up from other online instructors:

1) a Joke of the Day (not my thing, but it worked for my colleague--when I tried it, it was an effective ice breaker)

2) daily requirement for each student to text the instructor in order to stay in touch--the instructor was able to turn that contact into a warm, relationship-building contact

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