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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

the course CM201

I have taken the course and I found it very easy to understand and it is quite educational, I will recommend it

My training experience

This training has provided me with insight on what to do and what not to do when it comes down to student enrollment. I will use what i have learned with the tasks that i must perform.


The school I will work in is getting its Provisional License. The Admission process is new for me.

The Admission training was an important tool to initiate my career.

I have learned essential tips to do a great job!



very helpful

A refresher is always good..

Great Information

This is great information for both new and seasoned employees.

Transparency is key!

Being transparency with prospective students is the foundation for building a trusting student/institution  relationship. Prospective students armed with proper fact about the Institute and the Industry can make the right decisions for their life. It's not about the sale of the course that builds your brand and reputation, it is about the level helpfulness you offer. Be honest and provide your prospective student with the resources they need to make the right decision for them.

Important Information!

It’s very important to share all your wisdom, success and and challenges to be able to help others.  


It’s very important to share all your wisdom, success and and challenges to be able to help others.  


Making sure we are in compliance.


I plan to stay up to date on laws, policies and procedures.  I plan to keep the latest information on my institute and ask if there is something I do not understand.

Very Informative

It is really important to understand and have in mind everything in this training to develop our skills

Successes and Challenges

They always going to have challenges on our every days lives, but we need to relax and focus on the good thing we need to do and to accomplish. After challenges there is always success. there is no success without challenges

Very Informative Training

This training was very informative in regards to marketing and policies within an institution as it pertains to the institution's prospective students. 

Understanding Policies and Procedures

This training was very helpful in understanding how policies and procedures as it pertains to the college campus should be communicated to prospective students. 


The strategy that I have used was to read and re-read the passages paying close attention to the details as well as having the sections read to you.

Guidelines Practices

Any isntitution must be transparent when an applicant is requiring information. 

Be Prepaped

Always know your soruce material as well as keeping up with changes thaat might occur at anytime. Study so you may become proficient in the material.

Lots to learn

WE are opening a Barber School here in Miami.  We plan to start small so I will many different responsibilities as I will be wearing many different hats.  I have learned a tremendous amount with these courses, but obviously there is much, much more to learn.  The good thing is that we have many resources that we could always refer to when we have questions.  I look forward to the challenge and am excited for the future. 


Legal Implications involved with the admission process

The Admissions process has legal implications for the college/school and the officer involved.

Meetings and Training for Admissions Representatives

In this module I understood that although it is true, all institutions must hold scheduled meetings so that their subordinates, whether it be the teaching and administrative staff, can discuss issues relevant to the students, even more so when the institutions have accreditation.

It will be very important that the institutions have a calendar of meetings to have the days when these meetings will be held so that you can schedule your participation.