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I learn by observing and working with others. It is very easy for me to utilize skills effectively for the betterment of the goal or the purpose. I learn best when I am allowed to creatively think and work and try new things that are effective to the issue or problem to provide a resolution.

In the module I was able to understand the importance of obtaining the information affective and easy. It was very informational. 

In this module I was able to understand the importance of obtaining the correct information, of saying the information that was requested of me  exactly as it is and not trying to exaggerate things to simply sell the institution. In this job you simply have to be a well- rounded person to be able to do a job of excellence.

In this module I learned the most importance of being clear when doing an interview for a student, I also learned the importance of disseminating information correctly to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. This module helped me a lot because I now take into account what I have to do vs what I dont.

I have taken the course and I found it very easy to understand and it is quite educational, I will recommend it

This training has provided me with insight on what to do and what not to do when it comes down to student enrollment. I will use what i have learned with the tasks that i must perform.

This course is quite straightforward and self-explanatory. I believe it's an excellent course, and I've learnt a lot.
As a new admissions staffer, this training helped me plan and prepare for my work. The work of the admissions professional is critical since they are the college's face, and they must communicate all information about the institution correctly and fully.

The school I will work in is getting its Provisional License. The Admission process is new for me.

The Admission training was an important tool to initiate my career.

I have learned essential tips to do a great job!




Thank you for the information provided. I found it useful. 

All the information learned in this course help to keep up to date with the admissions requirement special the new improve resources of the social media.  Is very helpulf.

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