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I have learned how to effectively approach online teaching from a student centered forcus.  I better understand this plateform should be consistant, utilizing colors to symbolize a specific forcus in the learning. The layout should be consistant, each module having a discussion board, assignment, assessment, etc.  I also learned to too much of a good thing is not good, for example, video shoukd be used only when needed and should not be too long (no longer than 5-10 minutes) due to student tend to loose focus.  I also better understant that content can be in many form and should be conducive to all learning style.  Most important about content that it should met learning objective of course. 

I also learn that navigaion is of each module should be relatively easy.  The content should make sense to the student and enhance learning.  I learned that creating a learning object database will make it easy for myself as Instructor to access needed learning tools to place in module.  the object database is needed when the information will be used more then once in the course.  The objective database can be shared between instuctors.  I learn that object database my be created, maybe provided by the school, may come will course books and can come from social media.

I plan to utilize what I have learned for my online class.  In Respiratory Therapy, we are going to a blended learning platform.  This will help me to ensure that our modules are student centered.  I will beable to look at each module to ensure consistancy and learning objectives are being met.