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Measuring Soft Skills | Origin: LC130

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Developing Soft Skills in CTE  --> Measuring Soft Skills

What are some additional measures of soft skills teachers might consider? Take a few minutes to post your response and learn more from your peers.

creating separate grades for behavior is better than bonus points or incorporating behavior grades into academic grades. 

Teachers could break Behavior grading down into multiple compontnes. Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Teamwork for example. Having students know what is expected of them will help in the development of the skills. If a student is stllar in all aspects but is struggling with thier communication it will show in their grading. I think it is impartant to point out the skills students still need to develop early on. 

Take time to understand each individual student's likes/dislikes, preferences/non-preferences.

Some additional measures of soft skills teachers might consider include having students peer evaluate each other.

Self-reflection, punctuality, attendance, work ethic, etc are all good ideas. 

I often circle the room during the class session but feel too busy to assess students. I realize now how this prevents students from receiving effective feedback. I have created a system with just two assessed behaviors that I will monitor each day.

Punctuality, initiative, and collaboration are some good ones to asses. 

Create student jobs and leadership roles within the class and evaluate their work with a serparte grade. 

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