Bryan Bagdol

Bryan Bagdol

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I often circle the room during the class session but feel too busy to assess students. I realize now how this prevents students from receiving effective feedback. I have created a system with just two assessed behaviors that I will monitor each day.

Maintenance logs and routine inspections are necessary to maintain a safe environment. 

All of this is great information and a reminder of how even in times of busyness, we must schedule for safety.

Safe workers make safe spaces.Great point.

I am reminded of the need of a safety plan and my frustration in seeking out support from safety personnel in our district.

Active participation in projects that benefit the community with mutual involvement benefiting all paries.

Even in a smallish town, there are numerous untapped resources. Many scientific research organizations, native tribes, non-profits, etc. that can share opportunities for service learning, and WBL projects.

Our ag program and woods program both would benefit from more community involvement.

Using project future and other intervention classes empowers teachers to key in on blank spots in student development.

At my middle school, we are given the freedom to horizontally plan with core teachers. Often this type of plan is extraordinarily difficult or hard to manage as alignment isn’t perfect. Still the results can be very fruitful. 

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