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Trauma Educational Awareness | Origin: EC105

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Teaching Secondary Students Affected by Trauma --> Trauma Educational Awareness

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

PTSD affects the quality of life for some learners, and at times makes learning difficult if not addressed.

This module taught me how to recognize students who have experienced PTSD or trauma.  It also taught me how to reduce student anxiety. 

I knew that we are mandatory reporters, but did not know that reporting to school admin only still leaves us liable under the law. We must report (or be sure that admin reports?) to law enforcement agency.


I knew as a teacher that we are mandated reporters when it comes to abuse and neglect. I did not know that reporting the event to school administration does not meet lawful reporting requirements. I guess that I should have known that failure to report is a misdemeanor in most states.

I have been teachin 4o some years and have had to report several situations, it is never easy and everyone seems to lose something in the cases, teachers should seak help also, 

This module taught me the importance of treatment- I'll encourage others to receive help. 


Students with PTSD have a significantly lower graduation rate than their peers. Treatment for PTSD can help increase graduation rates and improve the overall quality of life for students who have experienced Trauma. 

This module aims at learning how to identify PTSD symptoms and how best to approach it. Learning the tools to cope up improves quality of life so that one can achieve a better and productive future.


Yes , a lot. I learned the huge role of the teachers to advocate for the well being of the students. It is also noted that teachers have a crucial resposibility to be mandatory reporters despite the procedure  set by schools on reporting. 


When PTSD is not addressed students just down and this affects their quality of life. 

Many students have PTSD that affects their daily lives and school.  It is important that it is recognized and addressed so that they can improve their quality of life.


I knew that students in our schools experience varying ranges of challenges.  I admit I was suprised to read that we should assume that there is a student in every class who has experienced PTSD and/or Trauma.

working in the field of female incarderated individual PTSD is a major aspect of these students lives both before and during prison.



It is important to be able to help your students, not just educationally but mentally as well.


Mantal illness is on the rise.  We need to be prepared and ready, continuing our education is a must.

Reporting suspected abuse is HUGE - so much is hidden, that if the abuse is bad enough to be suspected, it's usually pretty bad. As educators, we have a duty to protect and ensure the safety of our students to the best of our ability.

Changes in mood activity are vital signs to watch for.


PTSD affects many individuals, including young people. It is important for educators to know the warning signs and take the proper steps to ensure safety adn reporting.


Triggers are very important to know so the educator can prevent a possible flashback

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