Frank Holiday

Frank Holiday

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Expecting perfection is a common instructor mistake.  Preparation and planning and keeping a notebook are the best antidotes.


I have found that setting clear expectations for behavior, and consequences for not adhering to expectations helps to maintain order.  Fairness and consistency are the keys.


Difficult students often feel like no one will call them out on their innappropriate activites.  Once they understand the expectations and limitations, and the teacher consistently follows up, most of the behavior goes away.

Setting clear expectations at the beginning of the course sets the tone for the entire school year.

Working backward from your notes and support materials toward the end goal is one way to strengthen your lesson plans.


Learning objectives and standards help to guide the procedure of a lesson plan.


Lesson plans are critical to stay on topic and give a structured consistent approach to learning.

I have learned that time preparation is key to good presentation.


I have learned to recognize some of the signs and symptoms associated with traumatic events.

Trauma is a serious issue that plagues many students.  It is the teacher's role to help identify at-risk students and direct them to the proper channels to recovery.

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