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Innovation and Creativity in Work Processes | Origin: ML150

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Innovation and Creativity in Work Processes

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I am very excited to implement some of these strategies in my department meetings.  We are a unique, budding group, diversified in our expertise, number of years in public edcuation, and thinking styles. I want to pose, day 1 (or 2) " What gifts/experiences do you bring to our group?" I think this will make members reflective and hopefully understand that they play a crucial roll.  I also home to implement many of these strategies as a leader in my professional organization to intiate planning and completion of ideas.  Do you have other questions you find beneficial to ask deparment or group members before starting work?

These strategies seem very doable to implement. I can relate to the creative environment and different thinking-styles portions. I appreciate it. I like the questions Lauren will ask her team during day 1 or 2. Such questions may evoke much collaboration and teamwork.

Try to identify my blind spots and include diverse networks when working on an idea.

Definatley invite different opinions into the conversation and whatch for the blind spots


To think more out of the box  but "SMART thinking"

Be able to listen all ideas from the different departments or coworkers, in order to development new projects which make win-win.  


You can learn to be creative!

Thinking outside the box can lead to innovative programs. In my work it is important when creating programs to keep the end-user in mind as well as organizational goals.

One of the most important lessons is understanding that innovation involves risks, and failure is often part of the journey. Fostering a culture that utilizes failure as an opportunity to learn and iterate can significantly improve creativity.

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