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Strategic Thinking | Origin: ML148

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Strategic Thinking

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

It validated what I already know about (and reminded me to continue) seeking insight and understanding across functional groups.  All of our work is interrelated, so we need to consult with each other to find the best, strategic solutions. 

I appreciated the content explaining strategic thinking as a process and comes in different phases. In addition, creating the right environment is essential for cultivating strategic solutions. 

To gather a sense of planning vs thinking, this makes some of my visions (goals) clearer. I now can go back and revise some ideas for the group. 

I have enjoyed the material given regarding strategic thinking. Working together can help us create the best possible strategic solutions.

Shift from 'should' to 'could' and from 'will' to 'may.

I agree that the concept of critical thinking is important for advancing an educational institution into the future.  I also recognize that it is not something that is practiced frequently enough.  The information provided in this course have given me alot to think about.  

To be a strategic thinker takes a concerted effort to change not just the way you think, but how one thinks about leading a team.  I beleive that great strategic thinking also clears out negative thoughts because negativity has no options and strategic thinkers always are looking for the other options.


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