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time management obstacles

Would it be more effective to reasses priority daily? In career schools, there is so many unknown elements that effect our time.

In my case it would be more effective to reasses my priority daily. The unknown element that effect my time is the obstacle of insecurity. Most of the instructors are so organized that they have a tendency to try and help me get organized. I work well with clutter. Yes, it would be more effective to reasses priority daily because in career schools things are constantly changing.

Daily reassessment is quite common for us Pandora. In the career school setting, priorities fluctuate sometimes even hourly.

although it may be apparent to reassess daily, this step could also come under immediacy which is what I need to watch. I need to make sure I know what the goals are and to remind myself of the urgency of the goals. If not, the make-believe fires will seem overwhelming.

I find what helps me is to have my grades and paperwork organized. This lessens time wasted on finding documents later.

Yes, centering yourself around your goals -- sometimes even daily-- can be key Jennifer. It's so easy to lose sight sometimes.

Time is a very important to our daily lives when it is gone we can not get it back so it is very important to access what we do each and every day and set a priority for our daily tasks.

Hello Aimee,
I agree. Prioritizing on a daily basis is important. In a career school student priorities will often supersede yours as an instructor or administrator. Reassessing your to do list and priorities is crucial to success.

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