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Encouraging students to particpate in working withthier community

I found it interesting that student's like to work in thier own communities rather than others and that does make sense.  I do think this is great and students chould care about their own communities however, I wonder if working in other communities as well as thier own would broaden thier understanding of communites not like their own.

Understanding Service Learning

Excellent tool to use with community youth activities.

Planning to use Service Learning more and compliment with community service.

Some youth consider some types of community service as punishment for wrong doing. Service Learning should change their way of thinking.



What is the benefit of having community involved

What is the benefit of having community involved? Is it the positive role model that gets the student to buy-in service learning?

Conflict with externships here

Externships/Internships here are never paid and one question on the final assessment conflicts with this policy as saying some are paid. Also the externship for my students are 16 weeks long. I think some of the questions should be changed to reflect the expectations of our corporation and externship requirements.

Trouble with commitment

We have a student group on campus that does a lot for the community. Unfortunately, many times it is very difficult to get the students to follow through with their ideas. Also, we will have a large group of students sign up for an event and then they don't really commit. Do you have any suggestions for getting students to commit to their adopted causes?

Experiential Learning

How does experiential learning help students to connect relevancy and application to what they are learning?


What are the benefits to employers when they have students as interns?

Student Outcomes

How do internships impact student career development and growth?

Service Learning Growth

What are some factors contributing to the growth of service learning in career colleges?

Student Benefits

What are the major benefits of service learning participation for career college students?

Service Learning Program Identity

Why is it important to create an identity for your service learning program?

Service Learning Opportunities

Why is it a good practice to make available to students a menu of service learning opportunities?

Selecting Service Learning Sites

What are some criteria that can be used for selecting a service learning site?

Student Benefits

What are some benefits that students can get from service learning participation?

Service Learning Benefits

How is service learning different from community service in relation to student growth?

Service Learning Value

What do you see as being the greatest value students receive from participating in service learning?