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What is the benefit of having community involved? Is it the positive role model that gets the student to buy-in service learning?
Hi Valerie, Yes a large majority tend to fair better on the hands-on portion and our courses are structured so that the tactile portion weighs more in terms of grading. We also have a paper but no presentation. Maybe I'll try that instead. Thanks! Jimmy
Hi Susan, Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely look into these areas. There are tutoring available at our school. We really do sincerely provide an excellent learning environment, unfortunately very few students take advantage of these tutoring sessions. Those who do tend to do a lot better. I will definitely keep trying and keep encouraging the students! Jimmy
Hi! I teach at a culinary school and as far as I can tell I'm using all sorts of methods that cater to the different learning styles. I have lectures, and lectures with powerpoints, demonstrations and everyday the students get hands-on experience with their dishes yet I still have students who do not do well in class. What else can I do? Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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